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Am I Really In Labor?

You Should prepare to leave for the hospital if your “water breaks” or when your cantractions are 5 minutes apart. Always call first, so the doctor expects you. It is important to know the difference between true and false labor so you don’t run to the hospital needlessly several times. We may first see you oin our office if it is during normal hours of operation.


No “bloody show”

Contractions are irregular and do not consistently get closer together

Walking or changing positions relieves or stops the contractions

No change in cervix upon exam

Contractions are often felt in the abdomen


“Bloody show” may be first sign

Contractions get stronger

Walking or changing activity doesn’t affect the intensity or frequency of the contractions

Cervix is dilated upon exam

Contractions usually felt in back around to the front

Contractions come at regular intervals and get closer together

Contractions last abour 30-70 seconds